The Celebration

It is a reward to not only create sweets for others and allow them to enjoy my work, but it is an even greater reward knowing that I am a creating something that is shared and enjoyed among people who love and care for one another. It is likely that when I am asked to create a dessert, it is going to be shared at or for a special occasion… a celebration or an event. The fact that my work is used to celebrate an occasion that it is important to someone is something that keeps me creating my sweets.

Baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations... All of these occasions are special and important to the people who are celebrating. I strive to always create something unique and custom to each event that I am asked to create sweets for. It is important to match the desserts to the special occasion and create something to be cut, eaten, and enjoyed among a group who is gathered to love and celebrate one another. What an honor it is to be able to create work that is always used for something memorable.

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