Let's Bake From Scratch!

July 25, 2017

I value making each of my desserts from scratch and keeping them fresh for each event that I work.  A fresh, homemade sweet will always taste better than something that has come from a box.  When making cakes, I use all fresh ingredients and once the cake is baked I do not ever freeze it.  Each cake is made just a day or two in advance to ensure that it is moist, fresh, and delicious.  Making any dessert, especially a cake, from scratch is much more time consuming and costs can vary as the price of ingredients can fluctuate, but I believe it is all entirely worth it. 


An advantage that another blog discusses, is how baking anything from scratch allows complete customization.  When something is made from single ingredients, you have the ability to alter and adjust any one of the ingredients to create something custom.  Being able to create something with with freshness and something that can also be adjusted and customized is really killing two birds with one stone.

The blogger of Simply Scratch also shares her beliefs on how making something from simple ingredients can also be cheaper, healthier, and follows my previous opinion that something made from scratch can be altered and customized.  Think about how much healthier (for how healthy sweets can actually be) a dessert, or any item for that matter, is when you using actual ingredients as opposed to powder that has sat in a box on a store shelf for months.


You also have the ability to adjust recipes so that they follow certain dietary