You Don't Need a Bakery to Create A Masterpiece

Although I work in a professional bakery now, I have made my own personal desserts, and still do make them, in my own kitchen. My own kitchen is where I love to be. Every spare moment I have, I am at home, in my kitchen, with some sort of sweet treat baking in my oven.

It's special and important to me to be able to be at home, be comfortable, and be able to customize my area. I can be silly, I can create anything I want, and arrange my kitchen just the way that fits me, my style, and my techniques. I am able to collect any type of baking tool I feel will make me better and I can get my hands on any shaped cookie cutter that I wish to use to create an edible design.

It may seem strange to own so many different baking tools in your own home because you have to figure out where to store them or how to arrange your kitchen. Something that has helped me is to dedicate one specific closet, cupboard, or area to all or most of your supplies. I personally have an entire closet full of mixers, cookies cutters, cake boards, dry ingredients, and so much more.

Another blogger on Porch mentions decorating or organizing your kitchen to hide your supplies in plain sight. Place your large mixer in a cut place on your counter or use rolling pins to hang on the wall for kitchen decorations. There are plenty of different ways to have your home kitchen feel as if it is still your home, but you still have all of the supplies and abilities you need to create baked goods.

There are also many suggestions out there on how to design your kitchen for baking or cooking if you are able and willing to do so. Build tall counters that are easier to work with than lower surface ones. Create as much counter space as possible and maximize that space for large orders. Have lots of outlets to be able to plug in many of your tools where and when you need them. Not everyone is able to design an entire kitchen to work around their baking, but we can all dream right?

The point of my message is that you do not need a professional kitchen to create any type of masterpiece. Use your oven, your tools, and your home where you are most comfortable and have the most fun and create the things that you love to create.

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