How Do You Choose a Wedding Cake?

How on earth will you pick a cake flavor for an ordinary occasion dessert? If that seems difficult, think about how much more challenging it will be to choose a wedding cake flavor! At your wedding you not only have to enjoy your cake, but you have to ensure that every single one of your guests will also fall in love with the flavor of cake that you chose.

So where do you start? There are so many different flavors to choose from: chocolate, red velvet, champagne, pumpkin, strawberry, vanilla, lemon, lime... the list goes on and on. Pick a flavor that is not too obscure that people will shy away from even trying it. Most will find a licorice or a mango flavored cake to be strange. Try to pick a common and recognizable cake flavor. For example, choose red velvet, champagne, or vanilla to start and you can always make your cake unique from here.

You can also think of a flavor as being seasonal and correspond your cake to the time of year that your wedding is being held. Wedding Wire writes about considering a pumpkin cake for a fall wedding or a strawberry cake for summer. Your guests may enjoy some flavor of the particular season in their dessert.

Choose a unique filling to make your common cake flavor stand out and taste delicious! Add a caramel filling to your pumpkin spice cake or a raspberry filling to your almond cake. The filling can make the cake that much better. Be sure not to get too carried away... don't combine fillings and cake flavors that are too out of the ordinary.

Also consider adding some little extras to your cake. Add nuts as a filling or as an addition into your actual cake. You can add liquor to your frosting or your filling to add a little extra flavor for your guests. Put some tasty and fresh fruit on or in your cake during the spring and summer to add flavor and a seasonal feel to your dessert.

How about considering something completely different than cake?! Use the same suggestions to choose a flavor, but instead of cake, decide on cupcakes, cake pops, macarons, cookies, or even doughnuts. Wow your guests with something that is out of the ordinary. How about even something as different as doughnut cake pops. Yo

u don't just have to stick with the ordinary idea of a cake.

Whatever your wedding may provide as a dessert, make it yours and make it align with you and your event. Customize your details and decorations to match your style and your desires. Impress your guests and enjoy your cake!

Leave me with your comments about the dessert you served at your wedding.

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