Fresh Florals

August 2, 2017

 Happy August!


Summer is a great time to put the fresh florals to use and decorate your cakes and sweets.  Using real, fresh flowers on desserts makes them that much more beautiful and creative.  There are many styles in using flowers on desserts and many sweets that you can add flowers to.  The most common would be to use them to decorate a cake, but we will go into some more ways to bring that extra little something to many of your desserts.


Let's begin with the basics of the cake.  When adding fresh flowers to an already iced cake, you will follow a few steps.  First of all, always make sure that you are using flowers that are non-toxic because they are obviously going onto something that is going to be eaten.  Here is a list of flowers that are safe to use while cake decorating.  Next, you're going to want to wash off your flowers with cold water, getting all things you wouldn't want on them to go down the drain.  Cut the stems off of your flowers so there is about 1"-3" left, depending on how you want to place them.  Now you're ready to decorate!


Before you put any flowers on your cake, figure out how you want to arrange them and how you want your final product to look.  For example, if you want a