The Richer the Better: Chocolate Cake

August 5, 2017

Who doesn't absolutely LOVE chocolate cake?!  One that is rich, moist, soft, dark, and melts with every single bite that you take.... Are you hungry yet?  Chocolate cake is my personal favorite and I swear on the chocolate cake recipe that I use.


Something that makes this rich chocolate cake better than any other ordinary chocolate recipe is a couple of the ingredients that are used.  These two ingredients that you add to a chocolate cake recipe to make it better than ant other are black cocoa powder and coffee.


Using black coffee, or even instant coffee, in your recipe will enhance the flavor of the cocoa and really bring out that rich chocolate taste.  Don't worry, coffee in a chocolate cake recipe isn't necessarily going to bring any sort of mocha flavor to your cake, but simply just bring out the richness of all your flavors.  Using hot black coffee is also going to make your batter into a hot liquid consistency, which will develop a moister and softer cake after it is baked.


Using black cocoa powder is the other chocolate cake secret.  Black cocoa is a little bit bitter and obviously dark, similar to how dark chocolate tastes.  Using about 1/3 amount of black cocoa powder and 2/3 amount of regular, unsweetened cocoa powder is the way that I always go with my recipes.  Mixing both of the cocoas gives my cakes a rich flavor, but doesn't give it too much of the