Mom's Are Sweeter Than Cupcakes

Today I am going to write about something slightly different... I'm going to talk about my mama. This woman is the most supportive, loving, and caring person that I have in my life. She does so many different things for my family and me in so many different ways, so let me just share a few of them with you.

My mama is the heart of our family. She's there to give anyone a hug when they need it, always gives a shoulder to cry on, and always has something heartwarming to say. She makes you feel proud of the person you are and the person you have become.

I am sure that everyone in my family can back me up on my feelings for this wonderful lady. Someone who is especially thankful for her, as I am, is my little brother who is also pursuing his dreams through her support. My 19 year old brother has a passion for baseball and was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in this year's 2017 draft. My mom 100% pushed this boy to pursue his dream and to follow through with his work and her inspiration has paid off to him.

I have dreams of opening a bakery and creating a business and there is not a single person that stands behind me more in that dream than my mom. Every sweet treat I create, she is there to tell me how wonderful things look, taste, or gives me critiques that make me better and better each time.

I can't even count the times that my mom has been there to deliver cakes, be at a certain place at a certain time for desserts to be picked up, or recommended my work to people she knows and even people she doesn't know. She's there by my side while I decorate, helping me however she can, even while I am destroying her kitchen in the process. I definitely do not think I could be on this journey without her.

This woman is my rock, she's our rock, and I look up to her and her inspirational attitude more than anyone else in my life. I forever owe her my life.

Give your mama a hug today and let her know how much she means to you.

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