How to Gain the Baking Tools You Need

September 23, 2017

I am one that is a total nerd about sprinkles and cookie cutters and cupcakes liners. Every time I walk into a craft store I want to buy every single cute thing that pops out at me. The reality of it is that I can’t buy every little cute sprinkle or cookie cutter that I see just because I like it. What if I never get the chance to use it? What if I buy 30 cute cookie cutters that I never get orders for? It’s a waste. So I talk myself out of buying every cute baking tool that I see to save myself money and I use a different technique in collecting the things that I need.


What I’ve learned to do when buying tools, cutters, liners, sprinkles, molds, etc is to only go searching for the tools that I actually NEED, WHEN I actually need them. Using this technique, I get an order for some type of shaped cookie or fondant mold and I go out and I buy it. Then, once I have made that order for someone using that tool, I take photos of my work and advertise it for others to see. Now I am advertising designs that I have the tools already to create.



For example, last week I came across an order for mermaid cupcakes with a mermaid tail as a cupcake topper. I accepted the order and then went on Amazon (I order almost everything on Amazon Prime) and ordered a mermaid tail fondant mold. I made the cupcakes using my new mold and posted pictures of them. Now that others can see the cupcakes that I am advertising with the mermaid design, I can now hopefully acquire orders that are similar in which I can use the mermaid mold that I already have.