Drip Cake

As it has been quite a few weeks since I have posted last, I want to say that I have been crazy busy with new orders and lots of sweet creations. I am so fortunate for all of my new orders… keep sending them my way!!!

Today let’s talk about one of the very popular cake styles that is being used

often in cake orders. The drip cake, made with ganache, in such a cute style that is extremely popular and classy looking in today’s “sweet styles”. I have actually done quite a few drip cakes for customers recently and have found that they look beautiful and are very simple to do. I posted a video to my Instagram page recently, as well, on how to do a drip cake.

First off, decide what kind of cake you want to do a drip on and make sure that your cake is CHILLED. This is probably the most important part of doing a drip cake. You have to make sure your cake is cold and in place before you begin using your ganache to drip. If your cake is not cold and unstable, your ganache can either melt your cake (make it shift) or the ganache will drip too far down the sides of your cake because it cannot be cooled as it drips down the cake. The orders that I have done recently have all been on naked cakes, but you can also do a drip on a fully iced, buttercream cake.

After your cake is cooled, you can make your ganache. So what is ganache exactly? Ganache is a melted combination of heavy cream and either chocolate or candy melt. If you want a chocolate drip cake, you can use melted chocolate. If you would like a colored drip cake or a vanilla flavor, you can use candy melts instead of chocolate. Here is a great recipe for ganache and all of the ratios you need to make your ganache a perfect consistency.

After you have made your ganache, have a chilled cake, and let your ganache cool slightly to the point where it is not too hot, you can now begin to “drip” your cake. I prefer to used a spoon to drip cakes, but you can also fill a pastry bag with your cooled ganache to drip a cake as well. The most important thing to know about dripping your cake at this point, is that you do not want to have too much ganache on your spoon or your drips will be too thick and probably not what you are looking for. Start with a small spoonful of ganache and begin to drip it down your cake right at the ​edge of the cake rim. Do this repeatedly around the entire rim of your cake until you are satisfied with how your drips look. Then place a spoonful of ganache on the top of your cake and use a small spatula to work the ganache over the entire top of your cake. Here is the video that I talked about earlier to show you exactly how I drip my cakes.

Once your cake is dripped and the top is covered in ganache, immediately place your cake in the refrigerator to cool again and let the ganache set. Once the ganache is set (this will happen very quickly) you can pull your cake out of the refrigerator and continue to decorate it until it is complete.

It’s as easy as that! Leave me comments about what sweet ideas, instructions, or techniques I can give you next!

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